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  • 10 Online Businesses: Agency Service

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    10 Online Businesses: Agency Service

    Starting an agency service-based business is probably the best way to leverage all the apps available within the Groove platform.

    Established digital marketers may want to create a professional service around helping other entrepreneurs and companies to start or improve their businesses.

    These services may include website, landing page and sales funnel creation, ecommerce store setup, blog publication, email marketing management, membership site building, and video marketing services, just to name a few.

    Most agency providers are required to put in a lot of work to not only learn the variety of tools necessary to manage all these services for their clients, but also to juggle between all the logins just to make the management possible.

    Luckily, with the Groove all-in-one platform, all the top services can be provided and managed under one roof, simplifying the work necessary for agencies to deliver top-notch services to their customers.

    With Groove, agencies can use GroovePages to create professional websites, landing pages and funnels, GrooveKart to build ecommerce stores, GrooveBlog to set up complete blogs, GrooveMail to automate email marketing, GrooveMember to manage membership sites, GrooveVideo to run video marketing campaigns, GrooveSell to control entire sales processes, and so much more.

    Groove has made the lives of agency owners so much easier because of the simplicity of all the tools, so much so that even brand new entrepreneurs with little to no experience are able to use Groove to provide top levels of service to fellow entrepreneurs who need it.

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