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  • 10 Online Businesses: Live Events

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    10 Online Businesses: Live Events

    Live events as a business model has always proven to be one of the most profitable ventures, which is why so many entrepreneurs decide to either become speakers, trainers or event organizers.

    Even if doing live events is not their full-time business, many entrepreneurs would still incorporate speaking as part of their business model to generate more leads, sales and build their overall brand.

    In recent times, and for obvious reasons, there have been fewer offline events, but the passion for live events continues on and has transformed into virtual events.

    These live events may be in the form of webinars, live streams or pre-recorded content disguised as live sessions, but are actually uploaded videos.

    Regardless of the case, live events are still profitable as speakers often upsell their backend products or services, which could be continued education opportunities or special deals on actual products and services.

    Moreover, event organizers can sell ticket prices for admission, and additional products, services and affiliate programs can be promoted throughout the events, as well.

    There is no shortage of ways to monetize with live events, just that we need to ensure that you are utilizing advanced enough software to support the process.

    With Groove, you can use it to promote any live events by creating effective landing pages with GroovePages, setting up your product funnels with GrooveSell, and automating email communications with GrooveMail.

    Online events can also be done with GrooveWebinar, especially with the live and evergreen options available, as well as additional features for you to go live via multi-streaming across a variety of social media platforms.

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