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simon leung the internet insider story

Who Else Wants To Be On The Inside?

I've been making money online since 1997.

In 2002, I started working at Google to become their leading optimization specialist.

That's why when I transitioned online full-time in 2006, they called me the "Google Insider."

Now, they call me the "Internet Insider" because of all the millions we've created.

Not just for ourselves, but for thousands of marketers... just like you.

Would you like to be next to join us on the inside?

In 2020, the world completely changed... forever.

Everything collapsed, and everyone had to start over.

This was the year Groove was born.

That same year, we were approached to expand Groove, and GrooveAsia was officially launched in June 2021.

An all-in-one digital marketing platform, the GrooveAsia expansion is more than just a software - we are a community.

More events, training and giveaways not only for you to learn, but also to promote at up to 40% commissions as an upgraded GrooveAsia member.

For this reason, even those who had previously upgraded on Groove chose to also upgrade with GrooveAsia.

simon leung grooveasia
simon leung summit

The following year, we relaunched our previously traditional events company.

This time, we would transition into mostly a virtual events company to keep up with changes of the times.

As a result, we were able to work with many experts around the world to provide training to our global community.

However, there was more that we wanted to accomplish - a lot more.

It became obvious that while we can help others through education, changing lives require so much more.

We needed partners.

This was when Protégé Team was born.

Proteges are more than students or members: They are family.

We groom you to be leaders, the skills you need to achieve greatness, the authority you need to become one of us.

There's training on how to become a powerful speaker, formidable coach, transformational leader, life-changing mentor, impactful trainer, successful sales consultant.

You are recognized as mentors and coaches across all our communities.

And - You even get to partner with us on real-world projects, and profit share on businesses where we generate millions in revenue.

On top of that, you get to hold prestigious titles within our organizations.

Imagine being a Chief Officer or VP in our companies... how would that impact your credentials and bottom line?

This program - the education and opportunities it provides - is the ultimate investment in yourself and your future.

simon leung groovesummit protege team
simon leung grooveasia summit myinternetevents facebook cover

Today, we will take that one step further.

For the first time, you can work with me personally, one-on-one.

We will help you to get started - not just by doing it for you, but also by doing it with you.

This way, you can learn exactly how we do things so that you can replicate the success time and time again.

Whether you want to do affiliate marketing, ecommerce or have your own info products and online courses, we will help you launch your entire online business.

That's because with our coveted "SEO Insider Secret" strategies, we can dominate any niche and take any business to the next level.

Whether You're A Coach, Brick & Mortor Business Or Selling Products Online, This Is For You

    Here Are Examples Of Sales Funnels Or Web Pages We Can Build Out For You (Note That Certain Businesses May Have Different Requirements):

  • LANDING PAGE We take your copy and turn it into a responsive landing page you can be proud of

  • OFFER PAGE Presents your offer in the most attractive and responsive design

  • UPSELL PAGE Sets up your funnel with upsell/downsell pages based on your offer and copy

  • THANK YOU PAGE Creates the process that delivers after-the-sale reassurance

  • ABOUT US PAGE Instills confidence in your company

  • CONTACT PAGE Makes it easy for customers to let you know their needs

  • PRODUCT SETUP Builds out your product funnels to be able to sell online

  • AFFILIATE SETUP Activates your own affiliate program

  • JV PAGE Provides a place to make your JV assents available to affiliates

  • PRODUCT DELIVERY Delivers your digital products securely to your customers

With Our Existing Capacity, We Can Only Take On A Limited Number Of NEW Clients

    Act Now While We Still Have Room To Take On New Projects


Learn The Insider Secret Strategies On How We Will Get You Results


We Create All The Necessary Pages, Videos And Content For You


"Insider Secret" Optimization Guarantee Top SEO Rankings For Your Content


    Introducing... The "Insiders Club" Mentorship Program:

  • PERSONAL ACCESS to Simon Leung and his team of mentors

  • 1-ON-1 COACHING for 1, 3 or 6 months or until you achieve your goals

  • FULL ACTION PLAN to learn and execute on your objectives

  • COMPLETE BLUEPRINT of entire coaching syllabus for easy step-by-step reference

  • PRIVATE SCHEDULED SESSIONS between only you and your mentor

  • VIDEO RECORDINGS of your private sessions to playback whenever you need

  • MORE BUILDOUTS for webinar funnel, email sequences and other automation

  • GROUP COACHING through qualified limited time bonus


  • UNLIMITED SUPPORT via email, private chat or text (based on qualification)

  • BONUS GrooveAsia Premium For ONE YEAR... OR Premium+ LIFETIME account

  • BONUS Protégé Program Membership for ONE FULL YEAR... or LIFETIME!

  • AND MUCH, MUCH MORE surprises, bonuses and updates along the way...


What Real-World Skills Do You Want To Master Today?

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video marketing insider secrets simon leungsearch marketing insider secrets
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leadership insider secrets

    Let's Get You Started Right Away With The Offer Most Suitable For You...

Starting At Only $1997




Everything to get stsrted

  • Basic keyword research

  • Target ONE primary keyword

  • Creation of Google account and YouTube channel

  • Google and YouTube optimization


  • Branded promotional video creation

  • LIMITED: One additional keyword per month

  • LIMITED: One additional video per month

  • Join Now



    Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Target THREE total keywords

  • Website creation and optimization

  • Blog creation and optimization

  • Landing pages for each of the three total keywords

  • Blog posts for each of the three total keywords

  • Additional videos created for each of the three total keywords

  • Video integration to all landing pages and blog posts

  • Advanced structural linking for additional SEO results


  • Content creation for all website landing pages, blog posts and videos

  • LIMITED: Three additional keywords per month

  • LIMITED: Three additional landing pages, blog posts and videos per month

  • Join Now



    Everything in Professional, plus:

    • Target TEN total keywords

    • Landing pages, blog posts and videos included

    • Additional presence on major social media pages

    • All links integrated for maximum results

    • Maximize chances of SEO domination

    • BONUSES:

    • Content creation and backlinks for all pages

    • LIMITED: Ten additional keywords per month

    • LIMITED: Ten additional landing pages, blog posts and videos per month

    Join Now


    1-Month Program

    How to get started online

  • Start Your Own Affiliate Business

  • Get Your Pages Set Up For Leads & Sales

  • Free Promotional Strategies To Get You Started

  • BONUS:

  • GrooveAsia 50% Discount ($1997)

  • Protege Team 50% Discount ($2500)

  • Join Now


    3-Month Program

    Everything in one-time, plus:

  • Access To Simon Leung

  • Website Service Revisions

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Full Plan For Your Goal

  • Complete Blueprint In PDF

  • Scheduled Private Sessions

  • Live Video Lesson Recordings

  • Group Coaching (Via Bonus)

  • Revenue Sharing And Partnership Opportunities (Via Bonus)

  • Personal Email Support


  • GrooveAsia Premium ($3,588/Year)

  • Protege Program ($2,400/Year)

  • Join Now


    6-Month Plan

    Everything in 3-month program, plus:

    • 3 Additional Months

    • Access To More Mentors

    • Webinar Funnel Buildout

    • Email Sequences & Automation

    • Private Chat Or Text Support


    • GrooveAsia Premium+ ($3,988)

    • Protege Program ($5,000)

    Join Now

    We’ll get it done for you.

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Now, you’re probably expecting this to cost you thousands of dollars, and quite frankly we had to charge our first few clients a lot more than that.

    That’s because we weren’t set up to handle this type of request.

    But now that we have seen the need for this service, we’ve made an effort to properly set up and organize for it.

    And that means you save a bundle.

    Like I said, you might expect to pay thousands of dollars for this service… if you go to outsourcing sites you’ll see estimates as high as $2,000.00 to $7,500.00 just for a landing page.

    And we deliver a lot more than that.

    And because we’re just starting this, we want to make it attractive to those who need it and act on it first.


    THIS Is How You Will Take Your Business To The Next Level In The Next 12 Months... And Beyond!

    Wow! That’s really pretty low considering all you get.

    So, what’s the catch?

    Well, we’re hoping you’ll give us a glowing testimonial.

    We’ll be going out of our way to earn it.

    Of course, in the future we will probably have to raise our prices to meet the demand.

    So, getting in early is a BIG ADVANTAGE for you.

    simon leung



    simon leung internet marketing 101


    How Can We Help You Take Your Business To The Next Level?


    What Do Other Veterans Say About Simon Leung?

    Mark Victor Hansen

    The Internet is bigger than the Big Bang, and Simon came from a humble background at Google to become our resident genius in Internet Marketing. Like me, you’ll learn a ton of great information about Google and social media from this guy.

    Mark Victor Hansen

    "Chicken Soup For The Soul" Series Author

    Robert G Allen

    I wrote the book on "Multiple Streams Of Internet Income" in 2000, but I never knew about social media marketing. Thanks to Simon, I now have a massive following. It's exciting, and I love being mentored by Simon. It's amazing. It's fantastic!

    Robert G. Allen

    Billionaire Wealth Mentor


    Learn More About How We Can Offer You Value

    simon leung ultimate free bonus bundle

    Register now to instantly receive your special report, video ecourse and more... PLUS a FREE mentorship session!

    • Lifetime account to all-in-one digital marketing software platform

    • Instant access to two-day affiliate marketing AND professional sales online courses

    • FREE mentorship to unlock your true potential in a private 1-on-1 coaching session

    simon leung

    About Simon Leung

    Simon Leung is a world-renowned Internet entrepreneur, award-winning professional speaker, International best-selling author, digital marketing trainer, corporate consultant, business mentor and life coach.

    An Internet marketer since 1997, Simon resigned from his career as the most senior optimization specialist at Google Headquarters in the Silicon Valley on August 5th, 2006, to embark on a new venture to change lives around the globe.

    For over 15 years, Simon remains one of the most sought-after experts in the online business, digital marketing and Internet entrepreneurship space, often traveling to over 16 countries per year to share on the world's top seminar platforms.

    Today, Simon has partnered with Mike Filsaime and his partners of GrooveDigital Inc. to become the co-founder of GrooveAsia, an official expansion of Groove.

    In addition, Simon is also the co-founder of Summit and MyInternetEvents, 2 prestigious online and offline events companies, of which he is both the event organizer and the featured speaker.

    Within our communities, we are proud to combine the power of the Groove platform with Simon's experience as a proven industry leader to form the most revolutionary community for marketers, leaders and business owners.

    Through FREE state-of-the-art technology, world-class education and invaluable bonus resources, we intend to change lives and create thousands of brand new success stories each year.


    Partner With Simon Leung!

    Earn Residual Income.

    Join our affiliate program. We have evergreen offers, webinars, product funnels, product launches, and more.

    simon leung


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